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Auto insurance protection for Texans over 25 years!

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  5. Comprehensive Coverage

Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Coverage that pays when the insured is legally responsible (at fault) for bodily injury (including death) and property damage caused by the vehicle or operation of someone else's vehicle with permission. The limits selected must be the same for each vehicle listed on the policy. If a vehicle is garaged out of state, select limits that are equal or greater than the minimum limits in that state.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers losses to the insured vehicle for reasons other than collision (Fire, theft, vandalism, wind, hail, breakage of glass, or impact with an animal). All losses, whether partial or total and regardless of which loss settlement option applies, are subject to the applicable deductible.

In some states a $0 or lower deductible for glass may be available. Comprehensive deductibles may vary between vehicles.

Collision Coverage

Covers damage to the insured vehicle in the event it overturns or collides with another car or object, other than an animal. Collision deductibles may vary between vehicles. For stated amount vehicles, the deductible must be less than the vehicle value. Collision coverage also includes $1,000 to cover pet injuries or death resulting from an accident

* This is just an estimate, there are underwriting criterias that effect the final price estimate to take into considerations


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Mike Kersh at Cao Insurance Agency has been our trusted agent for over 30 years! He goes beyond the norm to take good care of our family.

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